Jennifer Perella

Downsizing the Empty Nest

As the years go by, a big house that used to fit the whole family can be 

too much when there are fewer people living in the home, and the empty feeling grows. Many are stuck with the decision to either sell the house or stay alone in a house whose size provides too many burdens. They also find themselves cleaning an entire home and property that is not being used, often just accumulating dust and requiring more utility usage and maintenance. That is why many homeowners consider downsizing to a smaller home.

When it comes to downsizing your home, less can be much more. Less maintenance, less to clean and less debt translates into more cash flow and free time. When you rid yourself of that large home with all those nooks, crannies and extra rooms to clean, you just might find that you have more time to enjoy your life. Downsizing for many means more time for friends and family, travel and hobbies, without all of those extra home issues that demand your attention. Downsizing can be the step towards a more relaxed, enjoyable life.

As a local expert, I can help you sell your current home and buy one that suits your taste.

Contact me if you need any of the following real estate services:

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Downsizing my Home

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